iMessage iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips for better iMessage use

iMessage is a great application that was released as a part of iOS 5 version and you can communicate with all your “iOS friends” for free. If you are an iMessage fun then the following iMessage iPhone Tricks and Tips will provide you better experience and quicker communication.

Shortcuts is something everyone uses, but if you are chatting with someone that is not familiar with them, you can “instruct” your iPhone to translate those shortcuts to their meaning (like aka-> as known as or omw -> on my way).

You can easily create any shortcut you want by going to General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts and then Add New Shortcut. There are no limitations there and you can add anything you want, I am using it to add templates like, 12345 -> Cannot speak at the moment, I will call you later.

More iMessage iPhone Tricks and Tips

You need to know that iMessage does not work with other devices, you need to communicate with people that own iDevices. One great iMessage feature is that you can have Group Messages. Everyone in your group needs to have the iMessage installed to their devices in order to receive the group messages.

One more feature that iMessage has is that there are some indicators that lets you know if the users you are chatting with are on the iMessage service. If the speech bubbles are blue and they have an iMessage below them, then you have no problems and not charges. Be careful where you send your messages, because you might get many charges if you are using it with people that do not have the iMessage installed.

Rumors about iPhone Tricks and Tips for iMessage

There are some rumors that Apple will create a similar app for Mac OS and you will be able to chat from your computer with your friends. This will be a great addition and we will instantly update you with some iPhone Tricks and Tips about it.

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iPhone Tricks and Tips for iMessage

iPhone Tricks and Tips for iMessage

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