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Best jailbreak apps 2013 – Most popular!

Best jailbreak apps 2013 – Most popular!Reviewed by Admin on Jan 12.Rating: -Best jailbreak apps 2013 – Voted by the users! There is a large number of applications available in Cydia for iOS 6.x.x and of course all the other older versions of iOS but which of them are truly the best jailbreak apps 2013? All can remember the enthousiasm that users showed at the beggining of jailbreaking and this kept on going even more when iOS 6.x.x was released. Through the years many applications were surpassed, Cydia continiously releases new ones and all agree that it is still that jailbreaking is still the best way to download the applications that Apple does not want you to have. So let’s look together at some of the realy best jailbreak apps 2013! The very best jailbreak apps 2013. First of all, one of the best jailbreak apps 2013 is the famous […]


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Posted by admin - January 12, 2021 at 3:42 am

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JailbreakingReviewed by Iphone5 on Jan 10.Rating: -Hello Everyone! I know most of you reading this article would really be more than just curios to know what exactly jail-breaking is?Some of you might even be thinking jail-breaking is when you escape the bars of the prison! maybe the famous ‘prison break’ series going on in your head? well if any of the above is what you actually define jail-breaking as then you are wrong.There is another definition of jail-breaking. It is somewhat similar to breaking a prison but not physically just maybe you can say some how a jailbreak virtually. Yes all those who have done jail-breaking before must now be having an idea of what exactly i am talking about. so basically, jail-breaking is done by iDevice users. If you own a iDevice such as the iPhone, iPad,iPod touch..etc then you are definitely one of the potential customers of a jail-breaking software. So,what exactly  is jail-breaking? In short , Jail-breaking is simply playing and altering the system on […]


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Posted by iphone5 - January 10, 2021 at 3:41 am

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Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013

Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013Reviewed by Zisis on Dec 30.Rating: -Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013 – Most popular ones! The 2013 came with new and updated application for jailbroken devices, so lest see which they are and what they can do! Sara application is for the iPhones that cannot use Siri, iPhone 4/3GS (and maybe on iPhone 3G – Not tested yet). It works just like the Siri app and they also added some cool answers to the most popular questions, like “What are you?” or “Do you want to marry me?”. You only have to add a source ( and check for Sara’s package (Sara). Cydia’s Top Jailbreak Apps of 2013 CyDelete is the quickest way you will ever find to delete any app that you do not want to your device. Just tap and hold the application you wish to delete and then tap on the “delete” icon […]


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Posted by zisis - December 30, 2020 at 3:42 am

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Convenient iPad Jailbreak With UltraSnow.EU!

Convenient iPad Jailbreak With UltraSnow.EU!Reviewed by Derek on Dec 27.Rating: The iPad is one of the best devices to jailbreak in my opinion for a lot of reasons! Aside from the fact that it has a 9.7 screen, amazing software smoothness (thanks to the A5 dual core chip) and a multitude of apps that you can really enjoy on the big screen, the iPad is a really useful tool! Whether you are planning to use it for business or leisure, getting an iPad jailbreak app is just as important as the iPhone. Depending of the model of your iPad whether it is the 1st generation or the 2nd generation, the iPad is now available to be jailbroken without the risk of losing its basebands (but then again, extreme caution is needed to ensure no errors will take place). iPad jailbreak apps on UltraSnow.EU If you are thinking about having an […]


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Posted by derek - December 27, 2020 at 3:48 pm

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Why do I love the jailbreak on my iPhone 4?

Why do I love the jailbreak on my iPhone 4?Reviewed by Zisis on Dec 21.Rating: -I love to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4, why? I love to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4, because of lots of reasons. I am using iPhone 4 for almost three years and using the same graphics and as well as the same theme which is provided by Apple of course. Sometime it became boring to me to use the same features which are only supported by the iOS version which is provided by Apple. So, when I heard about the redsnow jailbreak or other jailbreak tools, the intensity of doing jailbreak was increasing day by day to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4 and at a convenient, I have download redsnow jailbreak tool. Another reason also made me think to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4 was the cost of buying various apps from the App […]

jailbreak iPhone 4, why I love jailbreak

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Posted by zisis - December 21, 2020 at 3:41 pm

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