Best jailbreak apps 2013 – Most popular!

Best jailbreak apps 2013 – Voted by the users!

There is a large number of applications available in Cydia for iOS 6.x.x and of course all the other older versions of iOS but which of them are truly the best jailbreak apps 2013? All can remember the enthousiasm that users showed at the beggining of jailbreaking and this kept on going even more when iOS 6.x.x was released. Through the years many applications were surpassed, Cydia continiously releases new ones and all agree that it is still that jailbreaking is still the best way to download the applications that Apple does not want you to have. So let’s look together at some of the realy best jailbreak apps 2013!

The very best jailbreak apps 2013.

First of all, one of the best jailbreak apps 2013 is the famous AdBlocker, a similar application to AdBlock Plus extension for desktop browsers. It is my personal favorite of best jailbreak apps 2013 because it simply blocks all the irritating mobile ads that pops up every now and then on your screen and on top of that removes all the commercials. We can all agree that most of the times (if not always) ads prevent you from fully enjoying an app or a game.

Second on the list of best jailbreak apps 2013 comes the Activator, a really unique app that gives users the opportunity to launch applications by assigning custom and simple gestures.

The almost classic Winterboard can be missed from the list of best jailbreak apps 2013 because simply it is still the only way of changing the design of the iOS interface.

Last but not least in this brief best jailbreak apps 2013 countdown comes the MyWi app, a cool application that allow the users to make their iPhone into a mobile hotspot.

Make your life easier with the best jailbreak apps 2013.

You have seen some of the best jailbreak apps 2013 but one of the main reasons the makes jailbreaking so popular is the great opportunity for the user to just skip Apple’s default apps and make his mobile easier to use.

Best jailbreak apps 2013