Tips to troubleshoot iOS applications to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Steps to troubleshoot ANY iOS applications for ANY iDevice

If you are having problems with applications that you download from AppStore or Cydia, follow our instructions and start using them normally.

After every step, try to run the application you were having problems and if you cannot still use it, move to the next solution.

The first thing you should do is to update the iOS version of your device to the latest one, assuming that you are not using jailbroken apps.

The next step is to make sure that the application you are using is up to date, so open the AppStore and tap on Updates. If there are available updates tap on the Update all button. You will be prompted to enter your iTunes Store account information and then AppStore will start to download and install all the applications (Some of them require a Wi-Fi connection).

Next steps to troubleshoot your iOS applications

If you still have issues with your already installed applications, try to download and install a new application from AppStore and you will be able to reset the Apple ID authorization. You can remove and re-install an application to achieve the same thing. If you use multiple ID accounts, you will need to perform this step for all of those accounts.

One simple method is to just restart the application.

  • Go to the Home Screen and double tap the home button to display recent apps.
  • Tap and hold the app that causes you problems and when a red minus icon appears tap it to quit the application
  • Then run the application again.

Final troubleshooting steps for your iOS applications

Try to restart your iDevice, either by holding Sleep/Wake button and then slide to power off or press Power and Home button and force a reboot.

If you still have issues with your iOS application, make sure to get in touch with the developer, and he will either inform you with a solution or release an update of that application to download it.

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How to Troubleshoot AppStore apps

How to Troubleshoot AppStore apps

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