iOS 7 on new iPhone 5S!

iOS 7 will be the next operating system of the new iPhone!

Neither iOS 7 version nor iPhone 5S have been released yet, but it is very safe to assume that those two things will be released at the same time. We covered in a previous article about iPhone 5S release date and a few “surprises” that it may have, and you can check it from the following link (iPhone 5S release date). iOS 7 version will not be just a slightly better version of 6.1.4 iOS, but it will probably have great updates, features and fixes of previous issues. Let’s take a loot what we would really love on iOS 7 version!

iOS 7 – What will be new and what we would want to include!

Apple wants to create a cell phone that will be excellent regarding its design, but it also wants its iOS version to be very powerful but extremely simple! The changes have not be announced, and most of the rumors are about very conservative changes, so lets see what we would really want to get from iOS 7 version!

Who does got annoyed by Apple’s applications that you do not really use, but they have them anyway installed to your iDevice? Apple should definitely add an option that hides all those apps that you do not really want!

One more great idea (what was found burried in a forum) is to add a guest account, just like Macs have. This way you can share your iDevice without worrying about your valuable data or contacts.

Although Do Not Disturb option is great, more options should be integrated, because single schedules are not exactly suitable for the majority of people.

Have you ever been to your computer and while surfing the internet a great app appears? You cannot install it at once, because you need to go to the AppStore first. A cross-platform installation option cal easily solve this issue, and iOS 7 version should have this feature!

iOS 7 version – Release date

iOS 7 version will be released when the new iPhone 5S will be released too, and this will be around September or October of 2013. Have a little patience and stay tuned to get updated for all the latest news about iOS 7 version and iPhone 5S.

If you have any questions about iOS 7 version or iPhone 5S, leave us a comment and we will respond you as soon as possible.

ios 7

ios 7