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Those of you out there waiting for a software based unlock or are tired of the poor service of the Gevey Sim Ultra S , the time is about to come for you to get a software unlock for the iPhone 4s .

Yes , The 4s ! The news comes from the Legendary hacker MuscleNerd , a part of The iPhone Dev Team which develops jailbreaks and earlier Ultrasn0w unlocks.

The baseband bootrom successfully got dumped last week and here is a picture to prove it ;

For those of you who don’t know what it means ; it means that the DevTeam has accessed the baseband firmware and is now going to make it work with Ultrasn0w.

There is currently no ETA of when it would be available but our source at the Dev Team says that the Unlock would be readied till the release of the new iPhone 5.

So Be sure to check into UltraSnow.EU and be the first one to unlock your iPhone 4s .



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