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Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013

Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013Reviewed by Zisis on Apr 20.Rating: -Top Jailbreak Apps for 2013 – Most popular ones! The 2013 came with new and updated application for jailbroken devices, so lest see which they are and what they can do! Sara application is for the iPhones that cannot use Siri, iPhone 4/3GS (and maybe on iPhone 3G – Not tested yet). It works just like the Siri app and they also added some cool answers to the most popular questions, like “What are you?” or “Do you want to marry me?”. You only have to add a source ( and check for Sara’s package (Sara). Cydia’s Top Jailbreak Apps of 2013 CyDelete is the quickest way you will ever find to delete any app that you do not want to your device. Just tap and hold the application you wish to delete and then tap on the “delete” icon […]


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Posted by zisis - April 20, 2022 at 3:42 am

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