iPhone Tricks for better camera photos!

iPhone Tricks for getting the 100% of your camera!

Know that iPhones have very powerful cameras, you need to know about some iPhone Tricks that will get the 100% of your camera and give you great and high quality pictures.

The first advice is to stand still, I know that this is not included in iPhone Tricks but this can really make a difference. The right posture of your body will help you to be more stabilized and the picture you will take will be much better.

What to do if the subject that you want to take a picture is not standing still? This is happening most of the times and in order to get pass this, the iPhone Tricks you can use is only one, and very simple. The light will help you to take better pictures to moving targets and you can experiment a bit with it. As brighter a light is, it can “stop” motion more easily, and the best light is the natural one (our Sun!).

Learn your camera and take advantage of the iPhone Tricks even better

You will probably wonder, how much difference an iPhone camera can have with the other iPhones or other smartphones. Between the same models the difference might not be great, but still there is! One of the most crucial iPhone Tricks you need to know, is that each camera is unique, so experimenting with it is vital to fully understand it.

iPhone Tricks – Difference between iPhone’s cameras

Although the cameras of iPhone 4S and 5 are very similar, the difference with the previous models is great. If you have an older iPhone model and you are wondering why your pictures do not look good, then you should know that this is the best that they can, because the hardware holds them back. They can never reach the quality of the latest models, but by following all the above iPhone Tricks you will be able to take satisfactory pictures.

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iPhone Tricks for your camera

iPhone Tricks for your camera

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