iPhone Tricks and Tips – Most Basic and Popular ones!

iPhone Tricks and Tips – Basic Tricks for common situations

A lot of people are using iPhones, or generally iOS devices, but they are not familiar with certain iPhone tricks that can save you a lot of time for their daily tasks.

When your iPhone locks up or when an application crashes, then there is nothing much you can do with your iPhone. The only way to get off this bad situation is to hold Home and Power buttons together until your device reboots (This is a forced reboot), and you can use your iPhone normally. Also, one of the most popular iPhone Tricks and Tips are the use of shortcuts while you are at your lock screen. If you tap and hold your Hoe button, Siri will come “alive” and you can ask her anything you want. Double taping the Home button then the audio controls will appear and the last shortcut is the camera button that allows you to take a picture in a few seconds.

More iPhone Tricks and Tips

Now that iDevice have more powerful cameras you need to know that there are plenty of iPhone Tricks that will help you to take faster and better pictures. If you want to take a self portrait you can use the volume up buttons from your headphones to take it, just you would do with the volume up button of your iPhone.

You can make your iPhone to alert you when you have an incoming call or when a reminder is triggered with your LED flash, from Settings -> General -> Accessibility and LED flash for alerts.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for SMS, Siri and more

iMessage is probably the best app you can use for your iPhone, but if you are texting to non-iPhone devices, you need to know how many characters you are typing, and you can see that from Settings -> Messages and Character Count, and avoid extra charges!

If you are oftenly using Siri, then this is one of the best iPhone Tricks you can use, because you will be able to just raise your iPhone to your ear and start “ordering” Siri to do things for you (Settings -> General -> Siri and Raise to Speak).

iPhone Tricks and Tips allow you to do certain things in much quicker ways, so start using some of those! If you want to receive the latest iPhone Tricks and Tips and news, you can subscribe to our FREE Weekly Newsletter.

iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips

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