iPhone Tricks and tips for better Security!

iPhone Tricks and tips to fully Secure your device

If you do not want to risk having your e-mail account hacked, your online identify stolen, lost your personal information or lost your personal data, then the following iPhone Tricks and Tips are crucial for you.

The first of the iPhone Tricks and Tips is to enable the Auto-Lock feature, which will lock your device in a given period of time if you do not use it. Normally it is on by default, but you can change its settings for the time it should wait before locking your device.

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The next thing you should do is to enable the Passcode lock. This feature will ask for a pass code when someone tries to unlock your device. The best setting is to ask for the passcode immediately after locking your device.

Surfing the internet with a Wi-Fi connection is always better, because it is free and much faster than the cellular internet (except is your device supports LTE). There are many iPhone Tricks and Tips for a secure Wi-Fi use, and if you are using your own Wi-Fi (from your house or work) make sure to secure it properly. You need to use a WPA2 security, and use a unique name of your network in order to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for safe Web surfing

iPhone uses Safari browser to its iOS, but you can choose whatever browser you want. Regardless the browser you are using, you need to configure it properly, in order to maintain the security in the desirable (maximum) levels. You need to configure the allow/block of pop up windows, use of cookies and other things.

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iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips

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