Make your life easier with these iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips that will decrease time to your daily tasks

The majority of these iPhone Tricks and Tips are heavily used by many people, including myself, and you will be surprised how much time you can save with them.

This is my favorite among all those iPhone Tricks because I am SMSing a lot with my iPhone. It is very time consuming to use the “period” symbol after every sentence, so by double tapping space bar a period will appear to your SMS.

If you do not want to swipe your screen to navigate through your apps or settings, just tap at the bottom corner to go left or right to your Home Screens, which is much quicker.

iPhone Tricks for syncing, appearance, web browsing and more

During syncing or backing up, there is always the danger to get interupted and the whole procedure is canceled. The only way to avoid that is to “prevent” your iPhone from receiving phone calls or SMS, so there are two iPhone tricks that can help you with that, removing your SIM card (not recommended) or you can place your iPhone into Airplane mode (recommended!).

Did you know that the dock icons to your iPhone are not fixed? You can change the order of them very easily, just you could do with your normal icons, tap and hold them to move them anywhere you want.

Browsing might not be always very easy to do because many websites are not optimized for an iPhone screen. If you cannot easily see a paragraph or an article, you can always zoom in, but you can do that more easily and quickly by double tapping the column you want to read.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for your headphones!

Headphones have a multifunctional button which is located on the microphone, by squeezing the mic you also activate that button. There are many iPhone Tricks and tips for the headphone’s button.

When there is an incoming call by taping it once you answer it, tapping it twice you send the call to voicemail and after answering it you can tap it one more time to end it. While you are talking and a second call comes, one tapping puts in hold the first call and switch you to the second or by holding it for two seconds you ignore the new call. When you are not in a call, one tap activates iPod, second tap pause its and two taps skip to the next song.

iPhone Tricks and Tips are time saving if you get used to them, so start using some of those! If you want to receive the latest iPhone Tricks and Tips and news, you can subscribe to our FREE Weekly Newsletter.

iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips

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