iPhone Tricks and Tips for Boosting your Signal

iPhone Tricks and Tips for stronger signal

If you are constantly suffering from low signal strength and poor signal reception then the following iPhone Tricks and Tips for boosting your Signal will be a great help fot you.

One of the first things you should do, is to reset the settings of your iPhone, and you can do that by going to Settings, General, Reset and then tap on the Reset Network Settings. Have in mind that when you tap on that option all the stored Wi-Fi passwords will be deleted, so be prepared.

Another reason that the signal reception is not strong, is that your SIM card might not be placed properly into the SIM tray. Try removing your SIM card, blow it gently (to remove small particles or dust) and then insert it again.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for low signal situations

The following iPhone Tricks and Tips are not given officially by Apple, but many users tried them out with positive results.

If your SIM card is not placed correctly into the SIM tray (due to bad construction) you can get some help by using a Scotch tape. You have to attach a small piece of Scotch tape to the blank side of the SIM and then insert it to the SIM tray. This way you will be able to ensure a snug fit in the SIM tray which will boost your signal.

It appears that if you Dock your iPhone or attach it with a USB cable to your computer the signal will be boosted, but this is happening probably because its battery is charging.

Final iPhone Tricks and Tips for better signal strength

The signal of an iPhone has interferences when it is near to magnetic fields, so if you are carrying magnetic clips on your iPhone you should remove them (some cases have them on). Do a soft reset afterwards and see if your signal is more boosted than before.

The most safe but expensive among all the iPhone Tricks and Tips is to purchase a Signal Booster. It is confirmed that it will certainly boost your iPhone’s signal, but keep in mind its price!

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iPhone Tricks and Tips for Signal boosting

iPhone Tricks and Tips for Signal boosting

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