iPhone Tricks and Tips for iOS 5 to 6.1.4 versions

iPhone Tricks and Tips for making your life easier!

iPhones are very powerful iDevices, but their iOS is equally strong, so you need to know the best iPhone Tricks and Tips to take the 100% from it.

Private Browsing is mandatory when you are trying to do some online shopping, and Apple finally include it to its iOS. Just to to Settings, Safari and enable Private Browsing.

If you are sending many SMSs and you are constantly using the same phrases, keyboard shortcuts will be much of a help to you. You can write a shortcut and link it with a certain phrase, and you can do it from Settings, General, Keyboard and Shortcuts.

More iPhone Tricks and Tips

Location-based reminders is one of the best features that Apple added to its iOS. How many times you received a call that you could not answer, and you said that “I will call you when I get home” and you forgot it? Now there is no excuse for that, because this feature, which is one of my favorite iPhone Tricks and Tips, will alert you when you enter your house!

Browsing the internet is a daily act for most of people, and many interesting articles can be found online, but there is not enough time to read them. Safari has the “Reading List” where you can store those links to read them later, by taping Safari’s action button and Add to Reading list. Then you can read them later from the Bookmarks and then Reading list. You can sync this with your other iDevices if you are using iCloud.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for your vibrations!

If you are in the middle of a meeting and your iPhone is on vibration only, how you can understand if a call is important or not? By going to Settings, General and to Accessibility screen turn on Custom vibrations. Then go to Settings, Sounds, Vibration and create new vibration. You can later assign a specific vibration with a contact and know who is the one that “vibrates” you.

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iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips

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