10 iPhone Tricks and Tips for Facebook

iPhone Tricks and Tips for better use of Facebook app

Who hasn’t the Facebook app nowdays, so iPhone Tricks and Tips for your Facebook app will help you to do everything quicker and easier.

You can change your Cover photo very quickly, just head to your profile and tap your cover photo. From there you can either select a new one from your iPhone’s camera roll or snap a new one.

Chat heads is a new feature from Facebook app and its a new way to chat with your friends. When a message comes, your friends “Chat Head” is popping up and you can move it wherever you want on your screen.

You also have the option to see your friendship histories (it was implemented to the web version too for a few weeks), by going to a friend’s profile, click the box and arrow icon at the top right of your screen and tap on See Friendship (all shared info and interactions are there).

More Facebook iPhone Tricks and Tips

One of my favorite iPhone Tricks for Facebook is post deleting and at first I could not find how to do it exactly. Find the post you want to delete and tap on the small arrow on the right and tap delete or Hide from Timeline.

A great way to remember your friends birthdays (which is extremely difficult to just remember them) is to go to events and there you can see all the birthday dates from that day, the following and the rest of the week. By tapping on See More you can see the birthdays of all your friends.

One of the coolest iPhone Tricks and Tips for Facebook is to place your Facebook icon to your dock, which is good for Facebook addicts. You need to remove an app from the dock first and then tap and hold the facebook app and drag it to your dock.

Last 4 Facebook iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips for Facebook include how to manage your alerts. From Settings -> Notification go to Notification Center and tap on Facebook. It is up to you to choose how your notifications should appear, but you have many options there.

The same can be done with the Push Notifications and you can do it straight from your Facebook app. Account Settings-> Notifications -> How You Get Notifications and Mobile Push.

iOS 6 is more “friendly” with Facebook app, so one of the iPhone Tricks you can do is to sync your contacts with your friend information from your iPhone’s settings menu.

Stickers in messages is now possible during chat, and you just type your message and then tap on the smiley face you want. Not a big Facebook trick but it is funny!

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iPhone Tricks and Tips for Facebook

iPhone Tricks and Tips for Facebook

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