Twitter iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips for better twitter experience

Depending on the Twitter application you are using, many Twitter iPhone Tricks and Tips exist, but the following are applicable for all.

If you have a few days to open your Twitter application you will definitely notice that only the latest 100 tweets are available. You will notice a break page if you scroll to your tweets and by taping it, it will load more tweets.

Also, if you find your self at the bottom of your timeline and you are bored to keep scrollin your screen to the top, use one of the best iPhone Tricks and double-tap the Home tab to get you instantly to the top.

One great replying trick to a tweet, while composing your @reply, tug down on the text area and the Tweet you want to reply to will appear at the top of your screen.

More Twitter iPhone Tricks and Tips

Copy pasting became easier with the Twitter iPhone app, because you can just tap the message or a user’s bio to highlight it, and then tap on copy. Same goes to the place you want to paste it.

There are various iPhone Tricks and Tips for using URLs on Twitter, and you can navigate to a tweet’s details page just by tapping a tweet from your timeline. Then you can tap the share button and select the Copy link to Tweet option, that will copy the permalink to your iPhone’s clipboard. Then you can e-mail it by simply tapping Mail Tweet and it will move you to your e-mail composer and the link will automatically added to your message’s body.

Easy Twitter use with more iPhone Tricks and Tips

When you find a tweet that includes a URL you can tap and hold it and a menu will appear. There you will have many option of how to open it and to share it, like open in Safari, Tweet link, Copy link and Mail link.

If you receive many direct messages and you do not have time to respond to all of them you can just mark them all as read to get rid of the notification icon. You can just tap the Mark all as read button.

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iPhone Tricks and Tips for twitter

iPhone Tricks and Tips for twitter

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