iPhone Tricks and Tips that you MUST know!

iPhone Tricks and Tips for your Camera

iPhone are very powerful devices and their capabilities can be extremely helpful, so combining its power and ways to perform certain tasks quicker (or better) should be your ultimate goal. All the following tips will help you to achieve this, so lets start!

Taking photos with your iPhone is something that you do daily, so among the many iPhone Tricks out there, this one is probably the most useful. You can take pictures when you are into the camera app by simply pressing the center button of your headphones.

HDR stands for the High Dynamic Range photos, which basically takes two photos instead of one and match them both to take the best from each one. Keep in mind that HDR turns off when you adjust the flash settings and it also automatically adjusts lighting.

More iPhone Tricks and Tips

The Define option is great for people that read a lot, and it will make your life easier with only a few taps. When you find a word that you do not know what it means or even do not know how to pronunce it, just highlight it and tap on Define.

Apple implemented many features for people with disabilities, but that does not mean that you cannot take advantage of them. The Assistive Touch feature will bring you up options you may find very useful and you can access Siri, favorites or Home Screen more easily.

LED alerts can inform you when a notification, SMS or phone call is coming, so if you are in a meeting and you need to mute your iPhone, one of the iPhone Tricks you can enable is the “LED flash for alerts”.

iPhone Tricks and Tips for Scrolling, Locked screen and iMessage

After reading a lengthy article, the hard part is to scroll again to the top, but if you click on the area where your signal strength, time and battery life are you will instantly get to the top.

When your iPhone is locked there are two “quick” things you can do with these iPhone Tricks and Tips. You can “chat” with Siri by double tapping the Home button or take a quick picture from the camera icon.

You can activate the Send Read Receipts from iMessage and know when your recipient read your message and mark it read when he/she did not.

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iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPhone Tricks and Tips


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