Downgrade iOS Procedure – Tutorial

Downgrade iOS Procedure – Why to Downgrade your iOS version?

Although the majority of iOS versions can be jailbroken, there is a chance that you might not stayed satisfied by the features of that specific iOS version. Also if you always want to first test the latest iOS version and see if it suits you, you need to be able to Downgrade iOS if something is not working for you. The Downgrade iOS procedure is one of the greatest features Redsn0w can provide you, right after the jailbreaking procedure. Not only Redsn0w can Downgrade iOS but there are a few more tools that can help you with the procedure. The SHSH blobs features that Redsn0w provides are mandatory for you if you really want to proceed to Downgrade iOS to your iDevice. You can read more from the following link about SHSH blobs or you can go to specific sections (Fetch/Verify, Submit/Query and Stitch SHSH blobs).

How to Downgrade iOS version? What tools to use?

There are three tools that can Downgrade iOS versions (links for FREE Tutorials below):

The easiest way to go for a Downgrade of your iOS version is with Redsn0w and TinyUmbrella. The iFaith tools needs you to make some extra steps and it is “easier” to get you some Error Codes if you do some steps in the wrong way. Click on the Above links to get redirected to our detailed tutorials.

Is the Downgrade iOS procedure dangerous for my iDevice?

No! The Downgrading of your iOS procedure is 100% safe and it is completely reversible. Your iDevice cannot be harmed, and in the worst case scenario your iDevice will stuck into DFU or Recovery Mode. This can be easily fixed and the procedure to make a Factory reset is extremely easy.

The tutorials for Downgrade iOS are FREE for everyone and if for any reason you are experiencing any issues, you are more than welcome to leave us a comment to one of our posts, make a post to our FREE forum or even get in touch with us through e-mail.

Downgrade iOS

Downgrade iOS