Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella

Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella – Also Save your SHSH blobs

You cannot only Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella but you have the option to save your SHSH blobs. If you already saved your SHSH blobs with Redsn0w, you do not have to repeat this procedure again.

The philosophy to Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella is the same as Redsn0w Downgrading procedure, so you need to have saved the SHSH blobs of an iOS version that was still signed by Apple in order to be able to complete this process.

How to Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella – Tutorial

The procedure to Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella is very simple, but there is a “trick” you should make in order to complete it and you will also have to use iTunes.

Step 1: Download TinyUmbrella from its official website (The latest version).

Step 2: You need to Download the iOS version you want to downgrade to (The iOS version for your iDevice only, else you will get an Error Code).

Step 3: Download the latest iTunes version from its official website

Step 4: Launch TinyUmbrella and plug your iDevice to your Computer. Then you can click on the Start TSS Server button and wait a few seconds to be enabled.

Step 5: After the TSS Server is up and running, you can launch the latest version of iTunes.

Step 6: Click on your iDevice and then hold Shift (For Win Users) or Alt (For Mac Users) and Restore Button. A new window will appear and there you need to choose the firmware you want to downgrade to (Step 2). The procedure will start.

Step 7: At the end of the procedure, an Error Code will appear (Error 1015). Go on TinyUmbrella and click the Exit Recovery Mode. Then your iDevice will reboot and it will start functioning normally.

Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella – Troubleshooting

The Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella procedure might encounter other Error Codes too. The first thing you should do it to restart your computer, then close ALL applications and only run TinyUmbrella, iTunes and plug your iDevice to your computer. Then repeat the above procedure to Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella. If the problem still persists, go to the Advanced Tab and uncheck the second option (Set Hosts to Cydia). Save and then re-do the Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella procedure. You can perform a Downgrade iOS with iFaith too, read our tutorial.

The tutorial to Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella is FREE for everyone and if for any reason you are experiencing any issues, you are more than welcome to leave us a comment to one of our posts, make a post to our FREE forum or even get in touch with us through e-mail.

Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella

Downgrade iOS with TinyUmbrella