Unknown Error 1618 code – Downloading multiple files

Unknown Error 1618 code – More than two simultaneously software downloads

This is not a very common Error Code and honestly it never happened to me with this name at least. I had some issues, very rarely, while I was trying to download more than 2 files at the same time, but the Unknown Error 1618 code never poped up. A few days ago, while I was surfing a few iOS forums, an Unknown Error 1618 code post was created with no replies, so I figured out that it would be good to make a reseach and find out how to fix it, and this is what I will post here.

Fix Unknown Error 1618 code and keep your downloads up!

As I said, this is happening when two or more files are being downloaded to your iDevice at the same time, and these are a few solutions I found.

The solution is pretty simple, it is a soft and hard reset, but soft should be your first option.

Soft Reset:

Hold the Sleep/Wake button and slide the “Slide to shut down button”. Once your iDevice is turned off, turn it up again and try to download two files at the same time. If Unknown Error 1618 code still appears move on to a hard reset.

Hard Reset:

Press and hold at the same time Sleep/Wake and Home button. Keep holding them until your iDevice is turned off and then turn it on again. Then you should try again to download two or more files at the same time, and hopefully no Unknown Error 1618 code should appear.

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Normally, Hard resets are not recommended for your iDevice, so instead of that you can go for a full restore of your iDevice. Make sure to make a full Back-up of your data and music, and then update your device to the latest iOS version (Restore).

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Downloading more than two files - Unknown Error 1618 code

Downloading more than two files – Unknown Error 1618 code

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