The iPhone cannot be synced – Unknown Error 13019 Code

Unknown Error 13019 Code and failing in syncing your iPhone

A problem you may encounter during syncing your iPhone through iTunes is the Unknown Error 13019 code. This can be really irritating, because when you are trying to add media to your iPhone this 13019 Error Code will interupt it and you will have to repeat the whole procedure from scratch.

There are a few ways to overcome this error code and your iPhone start syncing again without any issues, so give them a try.

How to solve the Unknown Error 13019 Syncing issue?

You need to launch iTunes and plug your iPhone to your computer and then uncheck the following:

  1. Sync Movies
  2. Sync TV Shows
  3. Sync Podcasts

Then you have to sync your iPhone and it will remove all the above from your device but it will keep it in iTunes to load them afterwards. Now you have to make a soft reset of your iPhone, by holding the sleep/wake button and then “Swipe to Power Off”. Now unplug your iPhone and then turn it back on.

Once your iPhone is turned on you can plug it to your computer and in iTunes re-check the option you unchecked before. Now is the time to Sync your iPhone (the whole process will take a while depending on the data you want to sync), but at the end the Unknown Error 13019 code should not appear again. You will be able to sync your iPhone normally and copy all your iTunes data to your device.

The iPhone cannot be synced with Error 13019 – More solutions

If the above solution does not give you the desired results, you can go to an final resort. Try to back-up all your data with the help of iTunes, and then go for a full restore of your iPhone. It is a quick process, but if you cannot back-up all your data and contacts to iTunes, then you are going to wipe everything from your device.

If you have experienced the Unknown Error 13019 code before and you found a better solution, you can leave us a comment. Also if you are having problems syncing your iPhone after applying our solution, leave us a comment and we will respond you as soon as possible. For more Error Codes solutions, subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for FREE.

iPhone syncing Unknown Error 13019 code

iPhone syncing Unknown Error 13019 code

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