iPhone 5S leaked images – Release Date

iPhone 5S – The next iPhone model

The most probable name of the next iPhone model is iPhone 5S and it is very logical to think of that, because this is the pattern of Apple. Just like when iPhone 4S came after the iPhone 4 and how the iPhone 3GS after the iPhone 3G. Rumors also leaking that the next iPhone might be called iPhone 6, but the name does not make any difference.

Just before the official release of any future Apple product, many pictures are leaking on the internet which shows us how the new product will look like. When iPhone 5 released we managed to keep you updated with the latest news of it, and we are proud that all of our predictions were confirmed.

What extra has iPhone 5S from iPhone 5?

The first image of iPhone 5S that leaked, was taken in a production line, which make it more believable that this is how iPhone 5S will actually look like.

The first changes we saw on iPhone 5S are:

  • Flex cable connectors are redesigned
  • The connectors supporting the display and the touch digitizer are oriented vertically and horizontally respectively.

You can also see that the left device has a bigger screen than the left one, so either two versions of iPhone 5S might be released or the things are more simple and the angle of the photo messes with teh diamensions.

When iPhone 5S will be released?

These are not probably the only changes on iPhone 5S, because he have not seen yet the inside of it.  The release of iPhone 5S will take place at the same time as iOS 7 official version is released too. iOS 7 version is specially designed for iPhone 5S, but it is supported by many other iDevices. If you are interested to download and install iOS 7 version without being a developer, visit our iOS 7 beta version UDID activation and registration Package (Install iOS 7 beta version Package).

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