iPhone 5S Interior and Rear Panel – Leaked Images!

iPhone 5S – More Leaked images

To a previous article we showed you how the iPhone 5S will look like, but now it is time to see in more details what iPhone 5S has in its interior and Rear panel (Leaked Images of iPhone 5S in a production line). iPhone 5S is not released only to provide a much more “good looking” device, but there are many improvements to its hardware design and power. More pictures of iPhone 5S were leaked to the internet and we managed to “grab” them and analyse them.

What difference has iPhone 5S to iPhone 5?

In more details, iPhone 5S has many changes to its hardware, and those are:

  • The logic board of iPhone 5S seems a little narrower.
  • We could identified new connector layouts and extra components.
  • A new main chip was created for iPhone 5S and it is labeled as A-Series, which is probably a prototype.
  • Also we could see the “1234” number on the main chip, which is probably the date code. This might indicate that the chip was created in 2012 at 34th week, or it might simply be just a number.
  • The iPhone 5S battery has a newer part number than the iPhone 5’s battery, so this is for sure a better version.
  • One more indicator that the battery is a better version from iPhone 5, is that its capacity is 5.92 (5.45 in iPhone 5), which probably indicates that it has longer battery life.

More features of iPhone 5S extracted from leaked images

From the iPhone 5S leaked image we can see in its rear panel that it shows a pill-shaped window for the LED flash. This could be either nothing or a dual-LED feature on iPhone 5S, which will be great.

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iPhone 5S leaked images