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iPhone 4.12.08 baseband Unlock

iPhone 4.12.08 baseband UnlockReviewed by Testwriter on Mar 27.Rating: – As time goes by, Apple Incorporated  updates their iOS as well as its modem firmware or baseband. It includes new features where are the previous applications such as  Siri, iCloud and many more became more uncomplicated to use and faster when it loads.That is why iPhone customers used to upgrade their devices to its latest update and consciously find out that their handhelds are  not jailbroken anymore and will disable their access for free application, game, theme downloads from Cydia and UltraSnow.Eu. That is the reason too why iPhone 4.12.08 jailbreak solution is spreading on the net for it is the latest baseband update for IOS 5.1. Several hackers promise tools, softwares to be used for unlocking 4.12.08 baseband, etc. But i want to be true to you by telling you that, There is still No jailbreak software for this latest baseband.. and if there is one […]


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Posted by testwriter - March 27, 2012 at 7:43 am

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