PKGBackup Application – Crashes after launching

PKGBackup Application – What it can do?

A lot of people that are thinking on moving to a newer iOS version, is its new features, but there is always the posibility not to be able to jailbreak it. Assuming that the new iOS version is jailbreakable and your iDevice is filled with many Cydia apps, which most of them require tweaking and configurations, how are you planning to have them again on your iDevice? One way is to manually download and install them to your iDevice after the restoration and jailbreak of it and the other way is to use PKGBackup application. The PKGBackup application allows you to create a backup of ALL your Jailbroken apps with their configuration and settings, so you can later load them up again to your new jailbroken iDevice. The PKGBackup application costs $7.99, but it definitely worth its money, because it saves you from a lot of time.

PKGBackup application – After Installation is Crashes

Many people posted that, although they normally backed-up their jailbroken apps and settings with PKGBackup application, restore to a newer iOS version and perform a jailbreak, when they used PKGBackup application to restore all their Cydia apps, it started to freeze and crash.

There are two possible solution to this problem, and unfortunately they can be a little time consuming. The first, which is much easier, is to completely unistall PKGBackup application, download the latest version of it, and make sure that it is compatible with the iOS version you have just installed to your iDevice.

The second solution, is to re-do the whole process from the start:

  • Restore your iDevice to the latest jailbreakable iOS version (or older if you have SHSH blobs)
  • Jailbreak it using Redsn0w, Evasi0n or Absinthe (Jalbreak Tutorials and Tools)
  • Download and install the latest PKGBackup application version, and try to restore your Cydia apps.

The crashing of PKGBackup Application is 100% fixable

Usually the second solution can fix the crashing issue of PKGBackup Application, but in a few cases the first solution did the job.

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PKGBackup Application Error Fixes

PKGBackup Application Error Fixes