iThemeSky, a must need tweak for the theme lovers.

What does actually mean iThemeSky?

iThemeSky is a place of thousand themes which are collected for using on jailbreak iPhone or iPad. This huge collection of various themes made it popular amongst the users who love using various types of themes at their jailbreak iPhone or iPad. I actually love to do jailbreak on my iPhone just because of this enormous collection of themes. The users got more satisfaction, if they had their wished themes on the jailbreak iPhone or iPad. The best thing about doing a jailbreak for iPhone or iPhone is getting this huge amount of theme and get rid out of that boring theme which is provided by Apple with its iOS.


Some features of iThemeSky.

iThemeSky, as I said earlier, is a vast ocean of hundreds of thousand various apps, it has some features of its own. It is very easy to download various kinds of themes from the iThemeSky platform and install those on to the jailbreak iPhone or iPad. After downloading those apps on your jailbreak iPhone or iPad, iThemeSky will open the opportunity to use those themes via winterboard and dreamboard. As you know winterboard or dreamboard is on your jailbreak iPhone or iPad provides the platform to use those downloaded themes.

iThemeSky will be used considering the following categories,

1. Will support iPhone or iPad touch which is running by iOS 4.X or 5.X.

2. Selective themes for iOS iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch.

3. The selected theme for the theme’s features ( lockscreen, App lock, weather widget and many more)

4. Single click download and install themes.


How to get themes from iThemeSky?

iThemeSky will be used by a few very easy steps. All of those are like following,

1. After launching the Cydia app and go to the “Manage” option.

2. Tap the Source option and then Edit option, you will get the Add option and need to tap on the add option.

3. Now put the source in the box;

So, everything’s done. Now, you need to tap the change option to download the themes by iThemeSky.