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Why I love jailbreaking my iPhone

Why I love jailbreaking my iPhoneReviewed by Zisis on Apr 6.Rating: -Jailbreak your iPhone – What are the benefits? Have you even jailbroken your iPhone? Are you aware of the hundreds of benefits you can get from jailbreaking your iPhone? Before explaining you why jailbreak is essential for your iPhone, you must first know what jailbreaking is! Did you know that Apple does not allow its devices to use other applications than the ones that are on AppStore? Some applications like BetteryLifePro can only be found in a “rival” store, which is called Cydia. Cydia application contains all third-party applications, and some of those can be found either free or in a very low price! So jailbreak means, if you are familiar with linux terminology, to get root access to your device. Be able to do whatever you want to your device, and go as far as your hardware allows […]


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Posted by zisis - April 6, 2022 at 3:43 pm

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iThemeSky, a must need tweak for the theme lovers.

iThemeSky, a must need tweak for the theme lovers.Reviewed by Zisis on Mar 13.Rating: -What does actually mean iThemeSky? iThemeSky is a place of thousand themes which are collected for using on jailbreak iPhone or iPad. This huge collection of various themes made it popular amongst the users who love using various types of themes at their jailbreak iPhone or iPad. I actually love to do jailbreak on my iPhone just because of this enormous collection of themes. The users got more satisfaction, if they had their wished themes on the jailbreak iPhone or iPad. The best thing about doing a jailbreak for iPhone or iPhone is getting this huge amount of theme and get rid out of that boring theme which is provided by Apple with its iOS.   Some features of iThemeSky. iThemeSky, as I said earlier, is a vast ocean of hundreds¬†of thousand various apps, it has […]

jailbreak iPhone or iPad, Cydia

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Posted by zisis - March 13, 2013 at 8:06 pm

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