Convert tethered 6.1 iOS jailbreak to untethered!

Are you still on a tethered jailbreak?

If you previously had an iDevice that could be jailbroken tetheredly with redsn0w software, you will probably now want to jailbreak it untetheredly. Few months ago iOS 6.x.x version could only be jailbroken tetheredly and only in devices that had the A4 chip. Since many of people were counting on their jailbroken applications they prefered to choose a tethered jailbreak to their devices rather than no jailbreak at all.

Do you want to convert it to an untethered jailbreak?

Now that the jailbreaking community found a way to jailbreak iOS 6.x.x version for any iDevice that supports it, you will definitely want to convert your tethered jailbreak to an untethered one. If you try to make an untethered jailbreak with the normal way, you will proably lose all your applications, from Cydia and AppStore, because you will need to restore it. We can propose you a way to convert your jailbreak to an untethered one without losing any of your apps.

How the jailbreak convertion can happen?

If you already have a lot of Cydia packages downladed to your device then you will find this way very comforting, because you will be able to keep all of them and gain an untethered jailbreak. This happened some months ago with the convertion of 5.1.1 iOS tethered jailbreak to an untethered one with the Rocky Racoon application. The Evasi0n application works exactly like the Rocky Raccon, and it is equally easy as well.

Open Cydia and search for the Evasi0n application. Once you locate the evasi0n 6.x Untether package install it and then reboot your device. After the reboot your device will be untetheredly jailbroken!

You will now be able to have a device with an untethered jailbreak and you will be able to reboot your device whenever you want, and still keep all your jailbroken apps intact!

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