Upgrade to iOS 7 beta version – Register and Activate UDID of your iDevice

iOS 7 beta version – Available for Download by Apple

iOS 7 beta version became public few days ago and now all the registered developers are able to download and install it to your iOS devices. This stage is very crucial and helpful for Apple, because all the developers will search “code by code” the iOS 7 beta version and report all the issues they encountered. This way Apple will be able to release their official iOS 7 version as bug free as possible for all the iOS users. Although registered developers are able to download it, we can provide you access to iOS 7 beta version without the restriction of being a registered developer. You can read more details about our iOS 7 beta version UDID Registration and Activation Package from the following link (iOS 7 beta version – UDID Registration).

How the iOS 7 beta version Registration is possible?

In order to become a registered developer with Apple, you need to pay a fee of $100, which is very high. Our iOS 7 beta version Package costs only $19,95 and you will be able to register and activate on UDID (one iDevice) and get an account as an application tester for a Whole Year. This account cannot be purchased directly from Apple because only Developers accounts are provided. Being an application tester, allows you to download and install iOS 7 beta version to one iDevice, and you can have access to all iOS 7 beta versions for a full year. Our Support Team, which are all registered as developers, will be able to assist you with the downloading and installing process, and with any other issues you might have with iOS 7 beta version.

Why to upgrade to iOS 7 beta version?

iOS 7 beta version has been extremely advertised by Apple and it seems that they created a very powerful and beautiful operating system. Since there is a method to downgrade from iOS 7 beta version to 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 iOS versions, there is a great chance to see and feel the power of iOS 7 beta version (Learn how to downgrade from iOS 7 beta version).

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iOS 7 Beta version