Simple Steps On How To Install Siri On Your iPhone 4

Set up Siri on your iPhone with easy jailbreak and a simple change in the Cydia repo without proxy, no steering through different outlet or any of that difficult things. Here is how you are going to do it:

Steps on How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 without proxy

  1. You need to jailbreak your iPhone using the Redsnow jailbreak tool available in UltraSnow.EU.
  2.   After the jailbreak is done, install Cydia and open it. Then ad a repo source to the source on the app.
  3.  Click Cydia in the App store and Install Siriport app. After you finish with the installation, reboot the iPhone 4.
  4. In this step you need to get iPhone 4S certificate, direct your browser to This takes a little time but exercise your patience.

You now have options to do:

  • Send the certificate to your email ads and open it. After that, do reboot again.
  • Or you can open the and look for the certificate set up window

 By this time you should have activated Siri. Say anything to siri or a welcome message to siri and wait for 1 to 4 minutes for any response. If there is no response yet, try to reboot your iPhone.


How Does Siri Function on Your iPhone?

Siri is a new feature of iPhone 4S which is a new voice control system.  It is such so awesome that you can just tell your message and siri is responsible for everything.  It is just like your secretary that you just give command and everything is done, this is how it works in your iPhone 4S. If you would like to send a message you just say it and it will be figured out for you, or if you make a call just command siri and that’s how simple it is. You can even ask Siri about anything like the weather condition and you will get answered, it always gives you accurate reply every time you ask.  That is why there is no doubt this feature gained a world-wide trend because it is so useful and helpful it is just like your personal assistant.   If you don’t like typing and your option is to make calls all the time, and then this is the best feature for you.

Siri has been the talk of the town since its release late last year and people considered this as the best feature Apple’s has release ever in the market.  This is the reason why this iPhone version has become top selling in the market like hotcakes.


Jailbreak Your iPhone and Install Siri with UltraSnow.EU

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