Semitethered Jailbreak and its Benefits

What is a semitethered jailbreak? A semitethered jailbreak allows users to reboot for instances out of your control like you get stuck on the road or your phone suddenly turned off. Though you get limited access, there are many other things that you should know about it. Unlike a tethered jailbreak, a semitethered jailbreak is somewhat comparable with the untethered jailbreak version where you can reboot your device without having to worry about it booting up again.

Does it benefit to get a semitethered jailbreak? Absolutely! Semitethered jailbreak was created to serve as defense for users if their devices reboot suddenly during uncontrollable situations. Though you do not get all the functions that you need, those basic and important ones are still available for use. Without being trapped with the Apple logo like that of the tethered jailbreak, you may still be able to do necessities like sending a text messages with semitethered jailbreak. Just get back to a fully efficient state when you get back home and connect with RedSnow.

Semitethered jailbreak is very easy to do too! All you need to do is simply open Cydia and add the BigBoss’ source ( Install semitethered jailbreak and just do a tethered boot using RedSnow whenever you have extra time to do it. Interesting right?

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