Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze Jailbreaking tools – Which one should I use ?

Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze Jailbreaking tools – What are the differences ?

First of all I should tell you that both tool are jailbreaking tools and their purpose is to jailbreak your iDevice. Both of the tools can jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 but they do it in a different way. That is why we have this “eternal battle”, Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze . The final result of both of these tools is to jailbreak your iDevice and free it to use third party applications. Let’s see how Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze battle will end!

Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze Jailbreaking tools –  How are they working ?

Both of these tool have very big differences to the method they use to jailbreak an iDevice. Sn0wbreeze is a windows tool which creates a jailbreak custom firmware file and this file can be restored onto the iDevice. This procedure will delete everything in your iDevice. To see which will win at Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze I will explain you how redsn0w works too. Redsn0w is a Windows and OS X tool but has a different aproach on jailbreaking. Redsn0w does not deletes anything to your iDevice but it deploys the jailbreak payload onto the installed version of the iOS of your device. So it not really very clear to choose Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze but looking at the details may help you decide.

Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze Jailbreaking tools – How should I make the right jailbreaking choice ?

As I said, Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze is an even match because both tools do the same thing. The only clear criteria to choose one from another is the operating system of your computer. If you have a Windows machine you can use both (We have a tie of Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze at windows machines) but if you have an OS X machine then redsn0w is the tool you must use, sn0wbreeze does not have a OS X version. I think that Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze match does not have a winner because it is really a personal choice. Both can AND will jailbreak your device.

Redsn0w vs sn0wbreeze jailbreak