Redsn0w jailbreak for windows 7

Does Redsn0w jailbreak works for windows 7?

A very reasonable question to make is whether redsn0w jailbreak can be done in the Windows 7 enviroment. Since iDevices are constructed by Apple and Apple wants to promote their products and the compatibility between them, a very logical thought is that redsn0w will not be able to jailbreak an iDevice in Windows 7. Redsn0w is not an application from Apple of course, but it is about Apple products. Fortunately Apple products can be conected through a USB cable to ANY usb port of ANY computer with ANY operating system. This means that applications can be created, and they were, to make certain functions to your Apple products through any operating system.

Can I jailbreak my iDevice on Windows 7 with redsn0w?

The iPhone Dev-Team which is responsible for this great jailbreaking tool, Redsn0w, they create multiple version that support many operating systems. The latest redsn0w version is available for Mac and Windows machines. Although there is not a linux version there is a way to run windows 7 or other applications with the help of the Wine software. The Wine software allows you to run many windows 7 softwares including some games as well.

So by installing the Wine software to your linux machine, you will be able to connect your iDevice to your computer and install redsn0w jailbreaking tool. After that just follow the steps and jailbreak your device with redsn0w just as you would do with a Windows 7 machine.

What steps in redsn0w should I follow to jailbreak my device in windows 7?

The procedure is very simple, but you should do the following steps to make sure that nothing weird comes up during the jailbreaking process. In Windows 7 enviroment you must run the redsn0w as the administrator, just right click it and press the appropriate choice. Then follow every step you will see in redsn0w’s screen until the end!

Your device will be jailbroken in less than 10 minutes!

redsn0w in windows 7