Redsn0w download for iOS 5

Redsn0w download for iOS 5 – Pick the right version!

There is a great debate of what redsn0w version you should download in order to jailbreak the iOS 5 version. Redsn0w counts a very large number of available version, and each version is an update from the previous one. When Apple released the iOS 5, many users accidentaly upgrade their devices, but they did not expect that their jailbreaking state will be lost. Fortunately the hacker community managed to jailbreak the iOS 5 version very quickly and everyone could jailbreak their device.

Redsn0w download for iOS 5 – What was the first version?

The first version of redsn0w that could jailbreak iOS 5 was the 0.9.8b1 version. This jailbreak was a tethered one, which means that you must use the redsn0w tool everytime you had to reboot your device. During this time the iOS 5 was only available for the developers that had a registered ID and a Mac computer. A few weeks later a new version of redsn0w released that could be used from the public and the majority of people managed to jailbreak tetheredly their iDevices. Nowadays the final redsn0w version can jailbreak ALL iOS versions, except the 6.x.x, it can only jailbreak iOS 6.x.x tetheredly for only a few devices.

Redsn0w download for iOS 5 – How to jailbreak my device?

If you currently have a device that does not have iOS 5 in it, then you will be able to downgrade or upgrade to this specific version only if you have saved the SHSH blobs from this version. By saving the SHSH blobs from an iOS version that it is currently signed by Apple, gives you the capability of downgrading to this iOS version whenever you want!

Make this a habbit and everytime you upgrade to an iOS version save the SHSH blobs. This way, everytime you want to test the latest iOS version you will be able to downgrade to a previous one without any issues.

Redsn0w download for iOS 5