Pwnage tool which preserves iPhone’s baseband.

What is Pwnage tool?

Pwnage tool is a software which is specialized in preserving the baseband of someone’s iPhone. It is very needed to concern about the baseband of any iPhone prior to do jailbreak on it. Because, if any user of the iPhone is trying to do jailbreak on his or her iPhone and doesn’t know about the based, it could lock the iPhone for lifetime or could do many other hazardous incidents. The Pwnage tool is meant to preserve the baseband when you are attempting to make jailbreaking on your iPhone. It behaves the same as like other tools like Redsn0w tool, Sn0wBriedge tool etc.


Why do we need to use Pwnage tool to preserve the baseband?

Pwnage tool is meant for saving the baseband of your iPhone as I recited earlier, but the question arises that why should I need to use this tool. Well, preserving baseband is very vital for any iPhone, if someone is thinking about doing jailbreak. Pwnage tool works on those iPhones which have been jailbreaked by various types of jailbreak tools. If any iPhone is officially unlocked or factory unlocked, there is no worry to do jailbreak without concerning the baseband stuff. But, if it does not, then it would be a severe incident which may cause the loosing of jailbreak status on the iPhone. So, for the software unlocked iPhone, it is kind of obvious to use Pwnage tool to preserve the baseband.


Why to jump into the Pwnage tool?

Pwnage tool deals with the preservement of the baseband of the iPhones which are about to jailbreak or going to jailbreak in the near future. Now, if you have already jailbreak your iPhone and   your iPhone is working great, then it is highly suggested to not to think about such thing to re-jailbreak your iPhone with Pwnage tool as your iPhone is working great. But, if there arises any problem with your iPhone or making trouble with the jailbreaking software by which the jailbreak has been done, then I suggest to use Pwnage tool which will preserve the baseband of your iPhone as well as jailbreak the iPhone.