iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips

iPhone 5 – Social Tricks and Tips

Now that iPhone 5 has the newest iOS version, 6.1.4 version, you can take advantage of some “secret” tricks and tips.

You can share a picture almost instantly from your camera roll, just take the picture and press the arrow button when you are viewing the picture. From the Share menu you will be able to choose whatever Social media you want, Facebook or Twitter.

If you are using Facebook or Twitter applications you can “use” them to enter other information to your address book. You can do that from the Settings Menu, to Facebook enable the flick-switches and to Twitter enable Update contacts button.

Since Facebook and Twitter are very deeply integrated into iPhone 5 interface, you can post a tweet or update your status from the Notification bar. Swipe down the top of your screen and press “Tap to Post” bar.

iPhone 5 – Maps and Navigation Tips

The first advice is probably known by all of you, do not use Apple Maps! Google maps is thousand times better and more accurate, but in iPhone 5 Apple promotes its own Map application.

Although GPS is free for all worldwide, the data you will need to update your maps might charge you! The best way to avoid it is to download an offline map application for the city you are going to travel. Appstore has all the major european cities, so it will not be a difficult task to find it, and most of them are supported by iPhone 5..

Google Maps provides a Street view of certain places, but it may be a little tricky. In order to achieve it, search for a location in Google Maps or hold your finger in a road to bring its info up (address, number etc.). A location menu will pop up and if Google Maps support a Street view for it it will show it to you in that menu.

iPhone 5 – More Tricks and Tips

More articles will be published with iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips, because we cannot include ALL of them in only one article.

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iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips

iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips