iPhone 5 Special Tricks and Tips!

iPhone 5 – Camera Trick

Many people, including me, are searching applications through AppStore or Cydia to make certains tasks, but before trying to find a good application you need to be sure that your iPhone 5 cannot do it by itself. You will be suprised with how many capabilities your iPhone 5 have, and how many applications are being downloaded to do what already an iPhone 5 can do.

Did you know that you can take a picture from your iPhone 5, while you are recording a video? Just tap the small carema icon in the top right corner, and it will capture a photo without stoping the recording. The photo will be 1920×1080, so if you need to take a really good picture, make sure that you are in the photo mode to get better quality.

iPhone 5 – LTE is not always better!

Now that iPhone 5 supports LTE, you will be able to download and surf with incredible speeds. If your reception is not good with LTE, you need to turn it off, because you will have a very bad signal. By turning it off, your signal will turn to 3G and since the coverage is greater, your signal will be stronger. The only drawback is that your internet speed will be much slower, but better having slow internet and full signal, from having nothing!

iPhone 5 – Talk to Siri!

Everybody knows how helpful Siri can be, but are you aware of her full capabilities? You can ask her to tweet for you, make appointments, configure reminders, even Location-Based reminders, but it is not what she can only do.

Siri is able to open applications for you, just hold the Home button and say “Open Application name”. This is a great feature, especially when you are driving, because it is much safer than looking and tapping to your iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips

iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips