iPhone 5 – Hidden tricks and tips!

iPhone 5 – Storage tricks and tips

Apple does not allow you to plug in extra memory chips to increase the storage of your iPhone 5 this is why you need to find different ways to increase your storage. A Wi-Fi based solution is the Kingston WiDrive (You can find similar devices too), which is a Wi-Fi transmitter that connects directly with your iPhone 5, through an application. Those device have their own storage, but you can add an extra card to them.

If the above solution is not good for you, iCloud will untie your hands. Ther eyou can backup all the important data from your iPhone 5, like photos contacts, e-mails or calendar entries. Apple provides you a 5GB free storage space and you can increase it with a few bucks. Go to Settings menu, iCloud and then Storage and backup.

One more service that Apple can provide you (you need to pay $22 per year for it) is the iTunes Match. There you can store up to 25.000 songs and play them directly to your iPhone 5 without the need to store them to your iPhone.

iPhone 5 – Camera and Photos tips

iPhone 5 has the HRD mode (High Dynamic Range), which melds two different exposures in a single photo and creates a very detailed outcome. iPhone 5 does not have it enabled by default, so you need to enable it, but the processing time is greated than a normal shot.

When you are taking pictures, get some help from the volume buttons. The volume buttons are used as a shutter control of your camera, and this can be achieved while you are using bluetooth handsets (Remote shutter control!).

iPhone 5 – Interface Tips

When you need to get to the top of a page very quickly, just tap at the top of the screen by the clock and save a lot of time by closing one by one your open apps.

Do you want to take a screenshot of your iPhone 5 very quickly? Press the power button and the Home button at the same time and the screenshot will be saved to your iPhone’s camera gallery.

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iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips

iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips