iPhone 4S Jailbreak with 6.1.1 iOS version on Linux!

iPhone 4S Jailbreak with 6.1.1 iOS with Evasi0n

The linux users are not blocked from the Jailbreaking procedures, because the Evasi0n tool has been also released for Linux machines. You can download the desired Evasi0n version from our Download Area (Windows, Mac OS, Linux – Download Evasi0n).

Evasi0n tool is able to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S with 6.1.1 iOS version and the jailbreak will be untethered. All the jailbreaking tool are FREE for all, and our step by step tutorials can be accessed from everyone. The following tutorial is for 6.1.1 iOS version, it can also be used for other 6.x.x versions but specifically for 6.1.2 iOS version we have a separate guide (Jailbreak 6.1.2 iOS version with Evasi0n).

Detailed guide to Jailbreak iPhone 4S with 6.1.1 iOS with Evasi0n

The passcode lock of iPhone 4S should be disabled before starting the Jailbreaking procedure, because it will stop the process and Error Codes will appear.

Step 1: After Downloading the Evasi0n tool for Linux from our Download Area, launch it and plug your iPhone 4S to your linux machine.

Step 2: Evasi0n will start identifying your iPhone 4S and its firmware (The 6.1.1 iOS version you have). You can proceed with the Jailbreaking procedure by clicking on the Jailbreak button. This phase will last a few minutes and Evasi0n will reboot your iPhone 4S for a few times.

Step 3: Evasi0n will ask you to unlock your iPhone 4S and tap on the Jailbreak icon to your Home Screen. Do so, and then wait for a few minutes for the whole procedure to be completed.

Step 4: After a few minutes, an Exit button will appear and you can click it. Evasi0n will finalize the process and then you will be able to tap on the Cydia icon to let it initialize.

The iPhone 4S Jailbreak with 6.1.1 iOS version on Linux is completed

After 10 minutes, the above procedure will be completed, and you will have a jailbroken iPhone 4S that you can start using Cydia and download and install any application you want.

If you have issues with the iPhone 4S Jailbreak with 6.1.1 iOS version procedure, leave us a comment and we will respond you as soon as possible. You can also subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for FREE and stay updated about the latest features of all jailbreaking tools and iOS versions.

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iPhone 4S jailbreak with 6.1.3 iOS version on Linux