iPhone 4 Troubleshooting Tips – Do it yourself!

iPhone 4 Troubleshoot – What your iPhone 4 suffers from?

Before going your iPhone 4 to an Apple Store to check it, wouldn’t be great if you first do a troubleshooting of your iDevice and maybe fix it yourself? Read the most common symptoms of iPhone 4, identify them and learn how to fix them.

iPhone 4 frozes or stay unresponsive:

Why your iPhone 4 stays unresponsive when you press buttons or interact with your screen? The most common reason for it is the very low battery, so try to plug it to your computer or a wall charger and let it charge for at least 20 minutes. Then try to use your iPhone 4 again.

If the battery charging will not help you will need to restart your iPhone 4, so press and hold for at least 10 seconds the sleep/wake and home button until Apple logo appears.

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iPhone 4 will not charge:

There are a few reasons your iDevice is not charging, like a bad cable connection. Try using a different cable or even change the USB port of your computer. The 30-pin dock connector might have some issues too, so check it for any dirt, lint or damaged pins and clean it.

iPhone 4 will not turn on:

Check your battery, because it might be drained or damaged. Also you need to check the display of your iDevice, because your iPhone 4 might be on, but the display is damaged. If none of the above are true, then the most possible reason is that there is a bad logic board to your iDevice and you will need to change it.

Wireless Connection troubleshooting tips for iPhone 4

Weak of lost wireless connections:

If you have trouble connnection to a wireless network or your calls are suddenly and constantly dropping, there you have definitely some connection issues. Apple has detailed advices on how to hold your iPhone correctly and not alter your reception. One reason that connection problems emerge is that if your iPhone 4 has been disassembled before, finger oils might left on the grounding location of the antenna, which leads to weak signals (You have to clear all the grounding points of your iDevice).

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iPhone 4 Troubleshooting tips

iPhone 4 Troubleshooting tips