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iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Tablet

by Ultrasnow.EU

Apple has been dominating the smart phone world for nearly 5 years. And on April 2010, they’ve released what to be the most dominant tablet in the market, the iPad. That is true for quite some time, before Samsung competed Apple releasing their own line of tablets, even releasing smaller tablets to cater everyone’s tablet needs. That is what Apple lacks today, a medium sized 7” tablet specifically for tablet aficionados that wants something they can put on their pockets, but still packs a punch! Many different manufacturers came up with different variations and styles for their own tablet, Amazon’s Kindle, Dell’s Streak, Acer’s Iconia, Hp’s Touchpad, Huawei’s Mediapad, the list goes on. They all have different sizes and features of their own tablets.

And with the release of the iPhone 4s, most consumers weren’t so impressed with the not-so-many-upgrades that happened with iPhone 4s and the iPhone 4. A bit of upgrade of the processor and adding the Siri feature wasn’t the expectations of many if I may say.

This year also, Apple released their newest member of the tablet family which is “The New iPad” a.k.a. Ipad 3. Again, as many consumers, forums, review sites would say, this new tablet didn’t sky rocketted it’s specs compared to it’s predecessor. It’s true the retina display is quite nice, the new a5x chip is fast, quad-core graphics processor is sick and the 5 mega pixel camera with 1080p full hd video recording is really good. But this wasn’t apple fans have been looking for.

According to insider reports, Apple has been preparing the month of September to release, not one… but two new addition to their line of hot gadgets. The successor of iPhone 4s , iPhone 5 ( hopefully they call it that, or else we would be forced to call it “the new iPhone” ) . Rumors has it that this particular model of iPhone will be made of aluminum and unibody type, similar to the current MacBook. It will also boast an 8 mega-pixel rear camera, and a front camera with HD settings. 1Gb Ram, which is okay, and a slight increase in the Processor power, again. The most interesting report was the statement of the CEO of Foxconn, a taiwanese manufacturing company that made iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. In this he said “ the newest iPhone will put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame”. He didn’t specify how but we’ll sure find out this coming September.

Here’s some pictures of the iPhone5 “Concept”



Now, the time has come for Apple to release their 7” inch generation of tablets. Enter iPad Mini. This small sized-tablet behemoth was expected to have the same features of the older iPad models, but with a twist. With it’s screen decreased, people has been asking if the quality also suffered. The modest answer would be YES and NO. Let’s go first with no, why not? Because it’ll be the same as the previous iPad tablet’s resolution, and why yes? Because it will not have the same retina display as those of the iPad3 or the new iPad. In conclusion, the new iPad is still the grand daddy of all the apple tablets with it’s powerful specs, but the iPad Mini will be the one to fill in the void of Apple, when it comes to smaller tablets. This move is pretty brave from Apple’s higher people because, during Steve Job’s days as the CEO, he blatantly stated that “the 9.7” display of iPad is the perfect size for tablets, and a smaller version would not be fit for the power it will contain”.

Update: The most interesting part so far with the iPad mini is it’s introductory price. Sources say that Apple’s newest tablet will be offered to the market with a price tag of $250 – $299. If ever this came true, this will be the first time Apple will release something in a fairly cheap price, opposed to all of their previous extravagant releases.

Here’s some picture of the iPad mini


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