iOS 7 New features – Siri, AirDrop, Camera, iRadio and Jailbreak

iOS 7 version – Many extra features

iOS 7 version will bring hundreds of new features compared with the previous versions, and Apple made its “miracle” once more and manage to create a stunning operating system. It may seem more simplified than the previous iOS versions because it appear more flat, but its capabilities are extraordinary.

Multi-tasking is now supported for ALL applications and they will be able ti interact not only with the iOS 7 version but with other applications too. The new API (application programming interface) will allow applications to run into the background, and the users to switch between them with just a slide. One more great feature is that the iOS 7 version will remeber which applications you use more, and it will automatically run them in the background so you can access them instantly.

The Control and Notification Centers on iOS 7 version

Control Center will contain options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mute, screen brightness and many more, just like the Android has (and other Cydia tweaks), which will make the controlling quicker and easier. The notifications will now be available from your lock screen and they will be able to inform you with the calendar appointments or even with the weather updates.

Both of those additions will make the new iOS 7 version to be even more helpful during the day, because it will be able to provide you information that you actually need!

iOS 7 version – AirDrop, Camera and more

AirDrop is a brand new feature in iOS 7 version that allows you share content wirelessly. More specificaly, you will be able to share content with your contacts that are close to you, just select the person that is close to you and the content you want to share.

Apple is always upgrading the capabilities of their cameras to all newer models, and this is what will happen on iOS 7 version, and Apple added the “square” mode. It supports video, normal photos and panorama pictures.

Although the hackers community are keeping many exploits to jailbreak the iOS 7 version, they are still did not make any announcements for it. When iOS 7 will be released, we expect that it will not take a very long time for the Evad3rs to Jailbreak it!

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iOS 7 version

iOS 7 version