iOS 7 beta 2 version for iPad – All about this release!

iOS 7 beta 2 version for iPad – Download it!

Only after a few weeks Apple announced the iOS 7 version, they already released two iOS 7 beta versions and now you can upgrade your iDevice on iOS 7 beta 2 version. Apple’s strategy is to release many beta version before the official release, because this way it is possible to gather information of how their current iOS version is working on thousands iDevices. iOS 7 beta 2 version is also available for iPad and you can download it either over the air (OTA) or through the iOS Dev Center. You need to be a developer ($100 cost) or through our iOS 7 beta version Package you can become an application tester that can also download and install the iOS 7 beta 2 version (Only $19,95 – Visit our iOS 7 beta Package page).

iOS 7 beta 2 version – What has been fixed?

Apple fortunately fixed many issues on iOS 7 beta 2 version that beta 1 version had and it seems that they are on the right track. For all of you that either got our Package and install iOS 7 beta 1 version or were registered as developers, definitely “felt” how beta 1 version was failing to meet all of our needs. The battery life management was a very big issue, because you could not forecast if the batter will last for 1 day or 4 hours. iOS 7 beta 2 version managed to improve that, and until now our iDevices are lasting at least for 8 hours with full use.

How iOS 7 beta 2 version works with apps?

Application crashes was a major issue on beta 1 version and we can still see it on iOS 7 beta 2 version. This was expected, but in future beta versions we will not see this issue very oftenly, because all applications will be upgraded to be fully compatible with iOS 7 version.

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iOS 7 Beta 2 version