iFile installation guide and Error fixing

iFile Cydia App – Quick Review

Nowdays that all iDevices have a very large storage space, the amount of files that are being downloaded are also big, so a very good file manager is needed. Unfortunately Apple has not integrated a good one, so iFile Cydia application can be of a great assistance.

Installation instructions for iFile Cydia application

Since iFile can be found on Cydia, you need to have a jailbroken iDevice (Download Area for Jailbreaking tools).

  1. Click on Cydia and let it load its resources
  2. Go to the Mange tab and then in Sources
  3. From the Sources section, tap on Edit and then on Add
  4. You will be asked to add a URL for a repository, and you will type “ihackstore.com/repo/” and then tap on Add Source (It may give you a warning, but do not be alarmed and click Add Anyway).
  5. Let Cydia download and install the repository and tap on the Return to Cydia then this button appears.
  6. Now go to the Search tab and type iFile. Choose the one with the red color symbol and click on the install button and then Confirm.
  7. After you click on Return to Cydia you can go to your Home Screen and see an white icon iFile. If you tap on it, it will crash, so you need to reboot your iDevice.

A Quick How to Use iFile Guide

Now that you rebooted your iDevice, you can start using iFile application normally. You can see the folder you are into, how many files and folders you have and ofcourse how many storage space is left. You can easily move/copy/cut anything you want, and it has a very clean interface with all the options you will need to modify your files.

If you have any problems installing the iFile Cydia application, leave us a comment and we will respond you as soon as possible. We also have a Weekly Newsletter you can receive for FREE, with all the installation guides of your favorite Cydia apps.

iFile Cydia app installation tips

iFile Cydia app installation tips