Free UDID activation for installing iOS 7 beta 2 version

Free UDID activation – Rumors and Reality

From the moment Apple released the iOS 7 beta 1 version a lot of websites emerged and started to claim that they can provide a Free UDID activation and registration so you can be able to download and install the iOS 7 beta version. Unfortunately nothing comes free in life, and the Free UDID activation is not possible, unless someone will pay it for you and I am sure that those onloine companies were not created to give Free UDID activation. We offer an iOS 7 beta 1/2 UDID activation package, that it is much cheaper than becoming registered in Apple as a developer ($100 fee!). You can visit our iOS 7 beta UDID activation and registration package to learn more.

Avoid Free UDID activation websites

If you try to get a Free UDID activation from one of the many websites, you will probably wonder around through dozens of pages with an extremely large number of advertisements, which will either get you a virus or make some dollars to the people that created this fake site.

There is also one more category of the Free UDID activation websites, that provide you a tutorial that provides you a FREE, Easy and Quick iOS 7 beta upgrade, but either you will receive an Error Code during the Restoration procedure or make your iDevice stuck into Recovery mode.

Free UDID activation is impossible!

If you are new in the Apple world or you are interested in iOS development, one thing is for sure, that you need to make a lot of research before rushing into getting a Free UDID activation from anyone that offers it. Make sure that you are registered in our Forum, and in our developers section you will be able to get only 100% accurate information.

If you have any questions about a site that offers a Free UDID activation or how to activate and register your UDID number, leave us a comment to our Free Support Page, our Forum or the Comments Area. You can also subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for FREE, and stay updated with the latest News for iOS 7 beta versions.

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