Foursquare application – Check-in on Facebook and Troubleshooting tips

Foursquare application – Changes in Check-in process

Foursquare application made recently some changes to their compatibility with Facebook, and all the foursquare post appear differently than before. Facebook is now trying to group some of your check-ins into a timeline and “create” small stories and collections. Now Foursquare data can be shared with facebook only if you convert to Timeline.

In order to check if your Foursquare application posts are going through, you need to go to your facebook profile. Below your cover image there is button “Activity Log” and this is where you have to click. There you will see a button “Timeline”, and if your Foursquare application account is connected to Facebook you should be able to see an option to vew all the updates from foursquare. Find a group of check-ins and by clicking it you should be able to expand it and see all your check-ins in detail.

What can I do if the Foursquare application check-ins are not showing up?

You can try in order the following tips to fix the Foursquare application check-in issue:

  1. You need to re-check if you have allowed the Foursquare to post your updates to Facebook. You can do that from foursquare settings, in the Sharing with Other Network option.
  2. When you are checking-in to a location, tap the Share with friends icon and tap the facebook icon to turn it blue.
  3. Try to unlink your Facebook profile from Foursquare application and then try to relink them together.

Last troubleshooting solution for Foursquare application check-in issue

Some people do this solution first, because it is most likely the one that will probably fix this issue. You need to uninstall the Foursquare application from your iDevice, and then re-install it (Some people do a full Restore of their iDevices too). Make sure to download and install the latest Foursquare application to your iDevice.

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Foursquare application troubleshooting

Foursquare application troubleshooting

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