Facebook application – Troubleshoot Uploading photos, Push Notifications, Unseen Messages and Crashes

Facebook application – Common Errors of iPhone Facebook app users

Since millions of people are using the Facebook to their iDevices, Apple integrated the Facebook app to its iOS version. A lot of people are using Apple’s Facebook app, but unfortunately a lot of bugs and errors have been reported. This was expected to emerge, because the Facebook application for iPhones have reached over a hundred million users worldwide.

The most common Facebook application errors are:

  • Problems with uploading Photos directly from Facebook application
  • Push Notifications from Facebook app are not showing up
  • Unseen Messages inside Facebook application
  • And sudden Facebook app crashes

How to fix the above errors of Facebook application?

Facebook application has the feature to upload any photo you want right from your iPhone, so you can save a lot of time. Users reported that this feature is not working as it supposed to be, it is either not uploading the photos or it uploads it to the wrong folders. One common mistake that people do is that they try to add a folder during the upload of a photo, although a same folder already exists, and this gives issues to the Facebook application. If this is not the case, the first thing you should do it so update to the latest Facebook application version and to the latest iOS version.

The Push Notification issue, most times is not Facebook’s fault, because many people do not really know how to configure it. Go to the iPhone Settings and select Facebook. Inside Facebook setting go to the Push Notifications and there you can pick exactly what notifications you want to receive.

More solutions for Facebook application errors

The Unseen messages issue was first seen in the Facebook 3.0 release. This can be easily fixed by updating to the latest Facebook version.

The sudden crashes of Facebook application is probably a “bad” installation issue, which means that the solution to this problem is to delete your Facebook app and then re-install it from the start.

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Facebook application troubleshooting

Facebook application troubleshooting