Expenditure application – Review

Expenditure application – Quick description

Expenditure application  can be purchased with only $1.99 and you will shortly see why this price is nothing compared to its features. You will be able to track your budget and finances with a very friendly and easy to use interface. Expenditure application managed to simplify finances that by nature must be very detailed.

Expenditure application – Features

At the top you will find the expense tracker which shows how much you’ve earned minus the ones you have spent. Its background gives you the feel of a professional finance application. Below the expense tracker you can find your actual expenses, like the recent transactions, top categories and top months. 

If you need to proceed with the creation of a new transaction, Expenditure application will show you a simple input screen. It is marked as Expense automatically, but you can change it to income with a single tap. Expenditure application has a smart design which means that you just enter “13200″ and it automatically recognizes that it is $132.00.

Expenditure application – More features

You can place your transaction into a number of preset categories, or even create your own. Type the date of your transaction and if it is goint to be repeated just tell it how often. Finally, you can attach a note or even a photo to the transaction for your records.

Readers that pay attention to details noticed that there are three, nicely integrated buttons on the front page as well. The one on the left is settings (turn off sound, manage categories, default currency, a guide and an option to reset the application); the middle is history viewable by month; and the one on the right allows you to see all of your repeating transactions.

Expenditure application is simple, succinct and sufficient which is ideal for an expense-tracking application.

Review Expenditure application