BiteSMS installation – Texting Cydia App

BiteSMS Cydia App – Quick Review

Although iPhones have a very good texting system with their text message application, you may find that there are not as many options and features you would like. BiteSMS is a Cydia application that will give you more options and better texting experience, than the default iOS application.

BiteSMS is being used from the majority of people that have jailbroken their iPhones, and this is happening because BiteSMS enables you to fully customize any aspect of your messages. Personally I am using BiteSMS not for a very long time (because I usually making phone calls) but since I start using it, I am sure that I do not want to go back to the default SMS application of my iPhone.

Installation instructions for BiteSMS of Cydia

If you have previous experience on Downloading and installing Cydia applications, then you will find extremely easy the whole procedure. Launch the Cydia application and search for the BiteSMS. If you cannot find it, you should add the BigBoss repo to it.

How to add BigBoss repo:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on the Manage tab
  • Tap on Sources, scroll down and find the BigBoss’s Source and tap it.
  • Then the BigBoss repo will be installed and you will be able to find the BiteSMS through the Cydia’s search box.

After installing the BigBoss repo and find the BiteSMS through Cydia, you can tap it, download it and install it. The full license of BiteSMS costs $9.99 but you can try it only to see if it will be helpful to you.

What Cydia’s App, BiteSMS can provide you?

Some of the features of BiteSMS are:

  • Scheduled messages
  • Auto-Forward
  • Auto-Reply
  • Passcode Lock
  • Privacy
  • Delivery Reports
  • Contact Pics
  • Easy Pick Smileys
  • Signatures
  • and many more

If you have any issues during the installation of BiteSMS, leave us a message and we will respond you as soon as possible. You can also subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter and get all the latest updates of Cydia and Appstore apps for FREE.

BiteSMS installation of Cydia

BiteSMS installation of Cydia