Best Jailbreak Apps for your iPhone 4

iPhone 4 tweaking with 6.1.3 iOS

Since iPhone 4 can be jailbroken even with the latest 6.1.3 iOS version, it is a perfect example for all the available Cydia tweaks, the same is for iPhone 3GS or for every iDevice that can be jailbroken. All the following tweaks are compatible with the latest iOS version, 6.1.3 iOS.

Activator is an application that allows you to take actions using shortcuts from anywhere in the iOS. If you are doing the same tasks to your iPhone 4, then shortcuts will save you a lot of time, and Activator is a free app!

Tweak your iPhone 4 with free Cydia apps

One more time-saver application is the SBSettings, which allows you to access your iPhone 4 settings extremely quicker, without having to launch the Settings app. This is also a free application from Cydia and you can access it by either swiping on the Status bar or through the Notification Center.

If you want to change how your iPhone 4 will look, then the first Cydia app that should come to your mind is the WinterBoard. Change your icons, the look and feel of your status bar, the dock, the lock screen and many more. This great app comes also without any charge, so it is highly recommended. One more application with the same capabilities (maybe a few more) is the Springtomize 2, but it costs $2.99.

iPhone 4 – A few minor tweaks

One minor tweak, is the F.lux, which will prevent accidental “blinding” to you during the night. It has nothing to do with medical app, but during the night when a notification arrives, the brightness of your iPhone 4 is powerful, so F.lux adjust it accordingly to your local time.

If you own crucial applications with personal information, you can passcode protect any application you want with the Icon Passcode app. You can do the same with folders with the Folder Passcode app, and both of those apps are free on Cydia.

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iPhone 4 Cydia Tweaks

iPhone 4 Cydia Tweaks