Wifi Analyzer Application – Cydia’s great Application!

Wifi Analyzer Application – General review of the application

Wifi Analyzer Application is a very helpful application that most of you will love it. If you have knowledge over Wireless connections this application will give you plenty of information about various of things! Except from the detailed and accurate information¬†Wifi Analyzer Application will provide you it also has a very “pretty” background and very clear displays! At the next paragraph I will analyze to you why Wifi Analyzer Application is preferred by a lot of users.

Wifi Analyzer Application – What makes it so useful for us ?

Wifi Analyzer Application will provide you with numerous information and with great details! Wifi Analyzer Application will give you a graph that will provide you advanced connection statistics like network speeds, channel allocation and RSSI of the signal. It will also understand and show you BSSID networks, their encryption type, channels, mode and rates of broadcast. Wifi Analyzer Application also has advanced filter options and one of those can analyze the allocation of channels and can determine which one is less crowded. With this filter option you will be able to maintain better network speeds and you will connect to network with less traffic! Wifi Analyzer Application also detects and displays the info of all 802.11 wireless networks around you, it will monitor the signal strenght of each network (max / min / average) and will allow you to connect to open and secure networks. Wifi Analyzer Application will display the graph with the signal strength with values as percentage or dBm (for more advanced users) and will provide you with a numerous different sorting and filtering options.

Wifi Analyzer Application – Is is a free application or I have to pay for it ?

Wifi Analyzer Application is available in the Cydia Store via BigBoss repository and unfortunately it is not a free application. The price of the Wifi Analyzer Application is very low and it is $1,99. You can also check more details about Wifi Analyzer Application at Ultrasnow.EU and ask to its specialized crew any question you want about Wifi Analyzer Application and any other Cydia’s applications. Click HERE to visit and join them!

Wifi Analyzer Application Cydia


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